BerrySweet sweeteners, flavors and colorants Nutrasorb, LLC

BerrySweet™ Process

All-Natural Flavors and Sweeteners with Antioxidant and Protein Power

BerrySweet™ products are proprietary, antioxidant-rich natural flavors and sweeteners derived from berries and fruits. They are produced from the juice left after the Nutrasorb process. BerrySweets retain a pleasant, fruity flavor and aroma without the astringency and tartness of fruit concentrates. BerrySweet products are available as concentrates, up to 70 brix. Some BerrySweets deliver fewer calories than sucrose for the same level of sweetness and have lower glycemic index, making them ideal for pre-diabetic and diabetic populations. BerrySweet products can be used as natural, good-tasting and healthy flavors and sweeteners for beverages, foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Photo of spoons full of BerrySweet

BerrySweet syrup