Botanical Ingredients Nutrasorb, LLC

Botanical Ingredients

A new generation of science-based, functional ingredients from edible plants

Innovative and proprietary botanical ingredients developed by Nutrasorb / Rutgers University team pushes the frontiers of innovation to a new level. Our proprietary, scientifically developed, highly effective and rigorously standardized ingredients include:


Stable isothiocyanates and polyphenol–enriched extract of moringa (“Miracle Tree” — Moringa oleifera). Patent pending.

Dietary Applications (PDF)

Powerful anti–inflammatory activity (via TLR4, 2 and 9) and chemoprotection (via Keap1/Nrf2) based on moringa isothiocyanates (stable analogues of broccoli sulforaphane). Direct anti–oxidant effects based on polyphenols (quercetin, chlorogenic acid, kaempferol)

Cosmetic Applications (PDF)

Powerful skin rejuvenation (via Keap1/Nrf2 mechanism that activates cellular defenses against chemical and physical stresses), anti–wrinkle, anti–aging, anti–inflammatory effects (via TLR4, 2 and 9), restoration of skin barrier; skin whitening (via polyphenolic tyrosinase inhibitors).

Quinoa Milk™


Stable and bioactive extract of quinoa produced by stimulating intact quinoa seeds to exude bioactive compounds such as phytoecdysteroids and polyphenols. Patent pending.

Dietary Applications (PDF)

Enhancement of sport performance, endurance, stress resistance, muscle mass and strength (via enhancement of muscle protein synthesis). Metabolic health.

Cosmetic Applications (PDF)

Firming and anti–aging (via protein synthesis enhancement and metalloprotease inhibition), whitening (tyrosinase inhibition), rejuvenation (acceleration of wound healing and barrier repair)

Rutgers Scarlet Lettuce™ Extract

Highly concentrated and bioactive mixture of antioxidant polyphenols (chlorogenic acid, quercetin, and anthocyanins) produced by aqueous extraction of a proprietary lettuce variety that contains three times higher levels of polyphenols than blueberry. Patent pending.

Dietary Applications (PDF)

Metabolic and cardiovascular health (due to high chlorogenic acid), anti–inflammatory, antioxidant.

Cosmetic Applications (PDF)

Exceptionally powerful antioxidant, anti–aging, anti–inflammatory, whitening effect (due to quercetin), UV protection and damage repair.

Moringa Oleifera